Sauna Products etc:





sauna and steam section

sauna heaters,electric,domestic -

image s, economy

image syn, storage

soft-hot, luxury

sport, high quality

combi, combined sauna heater and steam generator

sauna heaters, commercial -

image c, large stone capacity

thermosafe, high quality

sauna heaters, wood-fired

sauna heater spare parts

sauna cabin kits -



wood for diy cabin and furniture

sauna accessories and consumables

steam generators-


steam room kits

control units -

commercial sauna heater installations to 30kw

commercial sauna heater combined with steam generator installations

lighting -

sauna, mains fittings 40-100w

sauna, low voltage strip-light system up to 150w

steam, low voltage strip-light system up to 150w

steam, low-voltage fitting 40w

shower units for sauna and steam installations -

domestic high flow thermostatic mixer valve with shower head and spray-bar

domestic 4 body-jet plus head and hand-shower panel, integral mixer and lights options

domestic/light commercial use 8 jet plus head and hand-shower panel, external mixer

commercial shower cubicles, 8, 11 or 16 jet

commercial combined shower and steam cubicles, dual person option

domestic shower cabin with corner bath, jets in both, steam bath option

pool and spa section

portable spa, with integral pump which also fills and empties unit

underwater lighting -

niche mounting, 12v 75, 150, 300 or 400w, colour lens and concrete or plastic liner options

Nicheless mounting 12v, 100w or 150w, colour lens and concrete or plastic liner options

spa lights, 12v 75 or 100w niche mounting with red and blue lens covers

NEW! multicolour capable 24v, 24w LED lights, (75w equivalent light output), for fountain or pool illumination special effects, niche mountable, up to 7 static or changing pure colours or dynamically up to 16,000,000 colours with variable output, sound-to-light and DMX512 options

underwater loudspeakers

pool-side hi-fi speakers -

250w full-range, omni directional MANGO PS1

1,000w sub-bass, MANGO PSB1, two seater disguised appearance THUNDERSEAT option

outdoor pool and garden speakers -

40, 60, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300w full-range, imitation rock style, disguised appearance

350, 500 and 800w sub-bass, buried enclosure, imitation rock topped, disguised appearance

60w background music, plastic buried enclosure

commercial outdoor speakers -

WET range 250w, 94db spl @ 1w/1m, high quality, full-range, foreground/background music use

horn-loaded 200w or 400w, 104/105db spl @ 1w/1m, high quality music/pa long-throw coverage

horn-loaded 1,200w, 108db spl @ 1w/1m, low frequency unit to complement the above systems

marine quality, pa/announcement metal and plastic horn speakers, fire and Ex rated options

marine loudspeakers -

pleasure craft 40 or 60w full-range cabin or cockpit speakers, cased option

fully ruggedised 40-300w full-range music speakers for deck use, many options

marine, industrial, hazardous environment heavy duty alarm sounders and visual indicators -

Bex explosion proof sounders and strobe lights, many tone, level and light options

intrinsically safe sounder or sounder/beacon, all zones compliant, many options

disaster warning sounder, 24v dc or mains powered, extremely high acoustic output

marine quality air horns, 120 to 145db SPL @ 1m per horn, single or multi-tone




high temperature and humidity 40-100w ceramic/glass bulkhead fittings, 24v option

extreme 100,000 hour life, 85w stainless steel/polycarbonate dome bulkhead fitting, zones 1 and 2

mono-pin fluorescent T8, 18, 36 or 58w tubes for zone 1 approved Ex'e' fittings, 40,000 hour life

long 25-30,000 hour life 18, 30, 36 and 58w, 26mm fluorescent tubes, high natural colour/daylight

long 25-27,000 hour life 18, 36 and 58w, 26mm fluorescent tubes, high, improved colour light output

extreme -25degC rated versions of the above long-life tubes for cold-stores, outdoor lighting, etc.

shatter-proofed versions of the above long-life tubes for food processing plants, laboratories, etc.

reflector-tube version, 36,000 hour life, full colour rendering, dusty environment/indirect lighting

meat display uv-radiation and shatter protected 20,000 hour version, 18,30,36,58w

safety anti-flicker ignitor, removes fire risk of shorted ignitor, stops flicker, 10 year life

energy saving multiple tube control module, 2kva max. 25 or 35% energy saving, fail-safe feature

high power fittings -

industrial applications, indoor use

architectural illumination, outdoor use

submersible, fountains and water features use

light emitting diode vari-colour 24v fittings - MINIMUM 7 STATIC OR 16,000,000 DYNAMIC COLOURS!

NEW! outdoor, IP67 rated, drive-over, glass block fitting, 24w, (75w equivalent light output)

NEW! circular, walk-over/surface mount, 9w version of the above, (30w equivalent light output)

NEW! submersible, IP67, bracket or flush-mount, 24w version, (75w equivalent light output)

NEW! indoor, IP51 rated, 30w colour flood, 15 static or 4,000,000,000 dynamic colours, (100w elo.)

NEW! master version of 30w colour flood, controlling up to 60 slave floods, many amazing effects!

NEW! 30mm, IP20, indirect light tube, 6w/332mm, 12w/667mm and 18w/1m, 23 deg. beam, 90 deg. option

NEW! intelligent 250w power supply for all the above except the floods, canned sequences/dmx i/p

ultra violet, 400w indoor flood light fixture, 90 deg. beam angle, many options, for special effects

fibre-optic -

bespoke light-box, fibre tails and lens fittings for on-site electrician installation

shelf lighting tube discrete or continuous side-emitting systems for shops and store displays

side-emitting fibre systems for temporary or permanent installation

star curtains and backdrops for theatres, star ceilings for cinemas and shopping malls, etc.

outdoor and underwater permanent installations

display cabinet systems for museums and jeweller's shops, etc.

special effects, son-et-lumiere, colour fades, etc.

solar powered -

outdoor domestic garden lighting

driveway light bollards

bulkhead fittings and ventilators

medical light fittings -

desk and stand mounting light boxes for seasonally affected light deficiency disorders,(SAD)

*computer monitor surround SAD lighting units

*domestic desk and stand lighting for unobtrusive treatment of SAD sufferers

solaria medical sun-beds

shop signs and custom displays for on-site electrician installation

low voltage lighting transformers -

electrical, toroidal 25-500va, swimming pool light and submersible options

electrical, cased, 100va-3kva, multi-output and sequenced options

electronic, 80-500va, high efficiency, unity power factor, wall-mount or wire-in option

discotheque and public house/bar lighting -

moving body, fixed mounting, rotational type display units 40-200w per lamp

moving reflector, fixed mounting, moving light type display units, 50-600w per lamp

moving single or multi-head projector, multicolour, multi-effect units, 250 or 500w, DMX512

plasma discharge balls or flat plates, 100mm to 2m diameter

glitter-balls, 50mm to 5m diameter, spherical or semi-spherical, plain/coloured, shapes option

tivoli light-tube, lamp or LED, single or multicolour, static, active or colour-changing

stair-nosing, plastic or aluminium extrusion to take tivoli light-tube, many options

flexible rope-light, 24v or 240v, fixed/flashing, single/multicolour, integral control option

flexible "neon" effect plastic light cord, many colours and options

dance-floor active effects tiles, low profile, static/tunnel-effect, single/multicolour

dance floor passive effects tiles, glass suspended under-lit or reflecting holographic, etc.

tunnel-effect, vari-colour, fibre-optic based drinks tables

crystal-cave ceiling effect for over-lighting, low or deep profile crystal options

NEW! LED multicolour bar lighting, colour washers, indirect lighting, vari-colour/active effects

(*new products, under development) nb:all loudspeakers are continuous rms power rated



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