Power Products:





Power products

ac mains converter section

frequency converters -

economy single or three phase o/p, 0-135/270v @ 45-440hz @ 300, 600 or 1,000va per phase

industrial single or three phase o/p, 0-135/270v @ 45-440hz @ 3-100kva per phase

single to two/three phase converters -

rotary, electromechanical type, to 30kva per phase

static, electrical, fixed frequency type, to 50kva per phase

static, electronic, variable o/p frequency capable type, to 150kva per phase

dc converter section

dc to ac converters/invertors -

economy 100-3,000va

premium, sinusoidal o/p, 100-6,000va

mobile/marine, 100-10,000va

dc to dc converters -

mobile series, 100-2,000va

solar panel powered series, 50-30,000va

battery charger section

industrial, automatic, 12v/25a-144v/300a

mobile/marine 12v/25a-48v/200a

solar and wind generator automatic charger/invertors

uninterruptable power supplies section

economy, rt series, 10-100kva

premium, dt series, 10-125kva

ac power sources section

industrial -

single phase o/p, 0-135/270v @ 45-450hz @ 200-6,000va

three phase o/p, 0-235/470v @ 45-450hz @ 600va-18kva, (up to 180kva on special order)

precision single phase o/p -

0-150/300v @ 45-500hz @ 1.2-3kva, 0.3%thd, volts, hz, amps/pf/power meters, programmable

0-150/300v @ 45-500hz @ 1.2-3kva, 0.5%thd, o/p display, programmable, 3 phase 9kva option

avionics ground power unit, 115/200v @ 400hz @ 90-180kva, three phase

mains power factor correction section

passive types -

fixed, field adjustable for defined loading, 1-100kvar

automatic step, variable loading, 25-400kvar

harmonic suppression transformer, single or three phase, 250va-18kva

active types -

fast, automatic, harmonic correction by current injection, 5-40kvar per phase

energy storing version of the above providing "brownout" proofing additionally

mains line conditioning section

passive types -

single phase, third harmonic filter, 600va-7.2kv

third harmonic rejection/cancellation set, 15-500kva

voltage regulating transformer, single phase 100va-15kva, three phase 9-45kva

isolated output, ultra-low impedance, filtered conditioner, 100va-7kva

active types -

transconductor controlled stabiliser, single or three phase, 300va-360kva per phase

relay or triac controlled tap-changers, (no realistic power limits, cheap, but old technology)

servo-motor controlled variac stabiliser, 1kva-1mva per phase, (slow, but better than above)

dual converter, fast igbt/pwm type, unity power factor, single/three phase to 1mva per phase

general products section

resistive loading bank, single or three phase, manual switching, fan cooled, 10-30kw, ac or dc

test equipment section

bespoke current transducer production test and calibration systems, 10-48 uut per run, 0-100a to 0-10ka ac, 40-440hz, precision constant uut bus bar current control, class 0.1 accuracy, options

single or three phase electricity meter production test systems, 0-300v/0-100a to 0-1200a per phase

hall-effect current transducer production test and calibration system, 0-400/800/1200a, 45-400hz

VHCT series controlled current source, continuous rating @ up to 50ka, (bespoke system)

industrial power amplifiers -

high voltage 0-600v to 0-20kv, dc-200khz, many options including bipolar output and dc offset

low voltage 0-200v, 1-10kw, ultra-linear, dc-50khz

transconductance, (controlled current), 0-400a to 0-4,000a @ 40-1,000hz

OEM high reliability linear amplifier modules, 0-90v @ 300/600/1,000w continuous, options

NEW! OEM compact pwm amplifier modules, 300/450/600w, 10hz-80khz, 0.05%thd, mains powered



laboratory power amplifiers -

high voltage 0-300v to 0-40kv @ dc-1mhz, many options

transconductance 0-5a @ 150v burden or 0-20a @ 10v burden, dc-1mhz

transconductance 0-100a @ 6v burden, dc-100khz

radio frequency, 300w-10kw, 10khz-100mhz

dc power supplies -

from 0-2v @ 0-5ka to 0-100kv @ 0-10ma, please let us know your requirements



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