Mango Electronics:

Audio consultancy for the leisure industry.

     Mango Electronics has an extensive range of audio products and services available to meet the needs of both the end user and architects, designers, contractors, operators and other professionals working within the leisure industry.

If you need to specify or supply sound systems for use in the difficult acoustic environments often found in this type of installation we can provide the expert knowledge you require.

In addition to our own, unique range of Hi-fi loudspeakers that have been specifically developed for outdoor, poolroom and gymnasium applications, we have an extensive portfolio of high quality audio equipment from other manufacturers. These products, combined with our custom build service, enables Mango Electronics to supply the finest possible designs and systems for any project where high quality sound reproduction is required.

  • Swimming pools: indoor or outdoors
  • Saunas: little and large
  • Gymnasiums: plain or plush
  • Fantasy or theme parks
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Shopping malls and attria
  • Quality stores
  • Conference centres
  • Museum displays
  • Special effects and "Experiences"
  • Yacht cabin and cockpit or deck
  • Give us your problem and we will solve it!